Tony Lightfoot takes you inside the tournament water ski world with athlete Interviews, inside news and views, commentary, opinions and much more.

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Face-to-Face with Lauren Morgan

The TWBC Podcast was fortunate enough to catch up with Lauren Morgan as she made her final preparations for the upcoming World Championships. She spoke on a range of topics which included her doctorate studies and her preparations for the upcoming World Championships.

Face-to-Face with Felipe Franco

Felipe Franco is a Peruvian athlete who excels not one but two highly demanding sports. He gave us at the TWBC Podcast an insight into that and his goals with the World Championships just around the corner.

Face-to-Face with Taryn Grant

A skier who works as hard off the water in marketing the sport as she does being as one of the top athletes training for the World Championships. Taryn Grant give as her take on the state of the sport and how it can be better promoted to the world outside.

Face-to-Face with Matt Rini

Highly regarded as one of the best water ski coaches in the world of tournament waterskiing, Matt Rini to some time out from his busy schedule on the run-up to the World Championships to talk to the TWBC Podcast on a wide range of topics in this episode.

Face-to-Face with Ricky McCormick

One of a few water ski athletes to experience participation in a true Olympic atmosphere. We got the opportunity to talk with Hall-of-Famer Ricky McCormick at the Malibu Open and he was kind enough to share his perspective on today’s tournament water skiing scene – against the backdrop of the glory days for the sport […]

Face-to-Face with Gregoire Desfond

Relatively new to the sport but already making an impact with his Waterski Journal and Waterski Nation media outlets, Gregoire Desfond took some time to talk with us at the TWBC Podcast about his introduction into the sport and what the future holds.

Face-to-Face with Elizabeth Montavon

An athlete who has made some noise both on and off the water. Elizabeth Montavon spoke to the TWBC Podcast just prior to the Malibu Open to give us her take on the state of the sport and tells us about her preparation for a pro event such as this.

Face-to-Face with Chelsea Mills

Prior to the Malibu Open we took the opportunity to speak with Chelsea Miils – an athlete who has had a remarkable ascent towards the top of the ladder in women’s Slalom despite her late entry into the sport.

Face-to-Face with Corey Vaughn

One of the very few skiers to ever run 41’off (10.25m) Corey Vaughn has established himself as a perennial contender in the Pro Slalom ranks and we had the chance to speak with him prior to the Malibu Open.

Face-to-Face with Cole McCormick

With the Malibu Open just around the corner there are a number of skiers who are keen to make an impression. One athlete who has been doing that all season is Cole McCormick who we spoke to for this episode.

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