Tony Lightfoot takes you inside the tournament water ski world with athlete Interviews, inside news and views, commentary, opinions and much more.

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Face-to-Face with Jay Bennett

In the middle of the summer heat in south Louisiana, you’ll find Bennett’s Water Ski School training a latest crop of talent on the water. We spoke to a true legend of the sport and NCWSA Hall-of-Famer Jay Bennett on a wide range of topics – including the Summer Olympic Games.

Face-to-Face with Neilly Ross

Continuing to talk with some of the world’s top female trickers, we spoke with Neilly Ross about that discipline and other topics on this edition of the TWBC Podcast – recorded at the Isles of Lake Hancock.

Face-to-Face with Karen Truelove

When the term “Power Couple” is used in the context of tournament waterskiing, the names of Freddy Krueger and Karen Truelove inevitably to mind. Karen was kind enough to be interviewed to discuss her skiing, her impact on Freddy’s success and what the future holds for their kids. This was recorded at the Isles of …

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Face-to-Face with Anna Gay

In recent years there has been a resurgence of top level competition in the Women’s Tricks and Anna Gay is very much part of that renaissance. The owner of several elite level titles took some time out to talk with the TWBC podcast at the Isles of Lake Hancock shortly before the King of Darkness …

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Face-to-Face with Steve Garcia

With the King of Darkness just around the corner, the TWBC podcast took the opportunity to speak with the man behind the event Stave Garcia about that and pro waterskiing in general.

Face-to-Face with Taylor Garcia

Battling a significant injury going into the King of Darkness event at his home site, Taylor Garcia spend some time with The TWBC Podcast to discuss that and other topics.

Face-to-Face with Charlie Ross

Charlie Ross, one of the brightest young slalom talents to emerge this season and the youngest ever to run 10.75m, was kind enough to spare some time to be interviewed for the TWBC podcast. This was recorded at the Isles of Lake Hancock.  

Face-to-Face with Keith Albritton

Recorded at Lake 38 in Quincy, Fl during the Pro Slalom event, this is s special interview with the creator and proprietor of that site Keith Albritton

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