Vincent Stadlbaur

TWBC Crew Special – Europe 2023

A special episode recorded with the TWBC Crew of Vincent Stadlbaur, Jeromy Schall and Conner Pauley describing their latest trip to the European series of events. Looking to support this 3rd season of the TWBC Podcast? Email Tony at to get more details on how to be a supporting sponsor.

Face-to-Face – with Jerry Jackson

Most of the most experienced technical controllers in the sport and an integral part of the Malibu Open organization, Jerry Jackson took some time from his duties at the Lake 38 Pro to talk some tech on other topics on this episode of the TWBC Podcast.

Online – with Adam Sedlmajer

Former World Overall Champ and a regular contender on the Pro Men’s slalom Adam Sedlmajer is out-of-action for all of this season and a good portion of the next. We find out the circumstances behind this absence in this latest episode of the TWBC Podcast.

Lake 38 Pro Slalom – Post-event Podcast

After the prize giving at Lake 38 we took the opportunity to interview a few of the skiers and personalities who stayed around onsite and got their thoughts about the event and much more besides. We spoke to Freddie Winter, Rob Hazelwood, Regina Jaquess, Nate Smith, Benjamin Stadlbaur, Allie Nicholson and Ali Garcia.

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