Marrakech Pro Preview Special

This episode of the TWBC Podcast comes to you for the very first time from Africa – specifically from the historic city of Marrakech in Morocco. We talked to some of the pro athletes assembed for the Marrakech Pro event and hear about their first impressions of the brand new venue for pro level slaloming

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Then and Now – with Cole McCormick

The premiere episode of a brand-new series of podcast episodes – leveraging the vast archive of previous skier interviews published by the TWBC Podcast. 2024 Masters Men’s Slalom Champion Cole McCormick leads off here and reacts to the previously-asked questions pulled from podcast episodes from as far back as 2021. His time in collegiate skiing

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Online – with Marcus Brown

The recent announcement of Marcus Brown’s hiring as Head of Marketing at HO Sports came as no shock to many within the Tournament Water Ski industry. We talk about the circumstances behind that news, the possible impact upon his existing ventures with Flowpoint and many more topics in this latest episode of the TWBC Podcast.

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Online – with Kevin Michael (Executive Director – USA Water Ski and Wake Sports)

It’s 2024 and the TWBC Podcast is coming in hot with the first episode of the year – with an in-depth expanded interview with the newly-appointed Executive Director of USA water Ski and Wake Sports Kevin Michael. Plenty of topics were discussed here, including his background coming into this role, his vision on how to

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Face-to-Face – with Richard Abelson

Interviewed just before guiding his son through the Malibu Open Richard Abelson explained his philosophies when it comes to coaching his two up-and-coming skiing stars – and the importance of establishing a clear distance at certain times. Looking to support this 3rd season of the TWBC Podcast? Email Tony at to get more details

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TWBC Crew Special – Europe 2023

A special episode recorded with the TWBC Crew of Vincent Stadlbaur, Jeromy Schall and Conner Pauley describing their latest trip to the European series of events. Looking to support this 3rd season of the TWBC Podcast? Email Tony at to get more details on how to be a supporting sponsor.

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Face-to-Face – with Aliaksandra Danisheuskaya (LA Night Jam Special)

World overall champion Aliaksandra “Sasha” Danisheuskaya spoike to the TWBC Podcast on a variety of topics, which varied from the political struggles that she’s had to endure to those that involved her competition activity on the water. Looking to support this 3rd season of the TWBC Podcast? Email Tony at to get more details

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Swiss Pro Preview Special – Face-to-Face with Chelsea Mills, Beatrice Ianni and Alice Bagnoli

With less than a handful of days before the start of the Waterski Pro Tour season we got the chance to speak to a trio of female competitors as they prepared for the Swiss Pro Slalom. Chelsea Mills, Beatrice Ianni and Alice Bagnoli each spoke of their successes last season and what the future holds

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Face-to-Face with Christy Kingsmill

Starting this season, and for the first time in 15 years, collegiate waterskiing in the United States has a new leader to guide it forward. We took the opportunity to talk with the newly-installed chairperson of the NCWSA Christy Kingsmill to discuss a bunch of pertinent topics, including recent international events that have had a

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Online – with Grant Barnett

In a welcome return towards normalcy in the tournament waterski world the Moomba Masters will take place on the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia starting in the 2nd week of March. With that in mind the TWBC Podcast took the opportunity to talk to Tournament Water Ski Australia chairman Grant Barnett about this event, along

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Online – with Danylo Filchenko

Containing some explicit language this is Danylo Filchenko’s account of the Russian incursion into his native Ukraine from within his home city of Dnipro.  This World Overall Championship bronze medalist is also not shy about offering his opinion on the aggressors in this invasion and those who implicitly or explicitly support them. Donations to help

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Online – with Blaze Grubbs

Blaze Grubbs has been tearing up the overall scene in the junior ranks for the last few seasons and he took some time to talk with us for this episode. He details his 2021 season, his adventures in the world of aviation and what he’s looking to achieve in the upcoming season.

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Online – with John Horton

John Horton, the creator and webmaster of the most popular website dedicated to the sport of waterskiing, took some time to talk to us for this episode. He outlined some of the challenges involved in maintaining Ball of Spray and expressed his candid views on the future of tournament waterskiing.

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Online – with David Akers

In an extended length episode we talk to David Akers, a recently-retired NFL Placekicker who spent the majority of his 16-season career with the Philadelphia Eagles. Having hung up his cleats he now is an active tournament slalomer and took some time in this podcast to detail his experiences in his new sport and also

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Face-to-Face with Paul Seaton

A successful tournament waterski athlete in the 1970’s who went on to coach a tall yet underpowered young skier by the name of Andy Mapple out of obscurity to greatness. Paul Seaton was kind enough to sit down and chat in this episode about his development of one of the greatest waterski athletes of all

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Face-to-Face with Steve Bush

One of the longest serving team managers in the sport Steve Bush of Canada continues his fine work to this day and took some time to speak with us at the TWBC Podcast. In additional to the thank you’s at the end of this episode he would like to acknowledge the coaching work of Mike

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Face-to-Face with Danylo Filchenko

Danylo Filchenko has emerged in recent seasons as a credible candidate for world dominance in the men’s overall discipline but his social media conduct at the recent European Championships has been grabbing most of the headlines. He addresses that and other topics in this episode as he prepares for the World Championships.

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Face-to-Face with Joel Poland

A tournament water ski athlete who has been blazing a trail of creativity on Instagram with his trick skiing exploits, Joel Poland took some out of his training schedule in preparation for the World Championships to chat with us at the TWBC Podcast and let us on some of the secrets behind his successful rise

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Face-to-Face with Cole Grant

As Team Canada readies itself for a defense of its World Team title at the upcoming World Championships, Cole Grant continues to train the latest generation of tournament waterski athletes from the great white north. He spoke about this and his path to the role among other topics in this episode of the TWBC Podcast.

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Face-to-Face with Ricky McCormick

One of a few water ski athletes to experience participation in a true Olympic atmosphere. We got the opportunity to talk with Hall-of-Famer Ricky McCormick at the Malibu Open and he was kind enough to share his perspective on today’s tournament water skiing scene – against the backdrop of the glory days for the sport

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Face-to-Face with Pato Font

Celebrating a winning performance from the recent IWWF U-21 World’s in the Men’s Tricks event, Patricio “Pato” Font took time prior to his return to Central Florida to speak to the TWBC Podcast about his upcoming future – which includes the IWWF Open Worlds and the NCWSA Collegiate Nationals.

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Face-to-Face with Nick Adams

Australian National Slalom Champion Nick Adams recently competed in the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am Slalom Tournament in Washington State and the TWBC Podcast asked him about the challenges faced by him in regards to international travel from his homeland among many other topics.

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Face-to-Face with Karen Truelove

When the term “Power Couple” is used in the context of tournament waterskiing, the names of Freddy Krueger and Karen Truelove inevitably to mind. Karen was kind enough to be interviewed to discuss her skiing, her impact on Freddy’s success and what the future holds for their kids. This was recorded at the Isles of

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Face-to-Face with Anna Gay

In recent years there has been a resurgence of top level competition in the Women’s Tricks and Anna Gay is very much part of that renaissance. The owner of several elite level titles took some time out to talk with the TWBC podcast at the Isles of Lake Hancock shortly before the King of Darkness

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