Face-to-Face – with Elizabeth Montavon-Island

Recorded prior to the final Water Ski Pro Tour event of the season, we took to the opportunity to chat with the defending champion of the Miami Pro Elizabeth Montavon-Island to gauge her aims and ambitions for this event and beyond.

Face-to-Face – with Steven Island

Recorded prior to the Travers Grand Prix we took the opportunity to chat with Steven Island about his breakout performances this season, his path to get there and of course his recent marriage to Elizabeth Montavon in this episode of the TWBC Podcast.

Face-to-Face – with Anna Gay

In this episode we took the opportunity to speak to World Tricks champion Anna Gay about her life after graduating college and what she has planned in the future – both professionally and athletically. This was recorded shortly before the Malibu Open at Lymanland in Tuscaloosa , Alabama

Online – with Russell Gay (Part2)

In this concluding part of our two-part episode with Russell Gay, this discussion turns to the equipment he produces for the tournament water ski world. This included a deep dive into the Optimized rope, which has been a boost for those athletes looking for a more forgiving line at the elite level.

Online – with Russell Gay (Part1)

In this special two-part episode we talk to a world-class tricking athlete who has redefined the discipline both on and off the water. Listen to Part 1 as Russell Gay recalls his beginnings in the sport and his experiences with some of the world’s elite trickers in the halcyon days of tournament waterskiing.

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