Joel Poland

Face-to-Face – with Matt and Whitney McClintock-Rini

In this episode we talk at length with, quite possibly, tournament waterskinng’s ultimate power couple. This was recorded on the practice day prior to the Pan-American Championships at Lago Los Morros in Santiago de Chile.

Face-to-Face – with Joel Poland and Freddie Winter

In this special Wandsworth edition of the TWBC Podcast we talk to two world champions who have made an indelible mark on the sport: Joel Poland and Freddie Winter. This episode was recorded before the Malibu Open at Lymanland in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Face-to-Face – with Joel Poland

With LA Night Jam right around the corner, the current world overall champ took a little away from his prep to talk with us about that title win and his most recent triumph in the Master jump event among other interesting topics. Joel Poland is the guest on this latest episode.

Face-to-Face with Joel Poland

A tournament water ski athlete who has been blazing a trail of creativity on Instagram with his trick skiing exploits, Joel Poland took some out of his training schedule in preparation for the World Championships to chat with us at the TWBC Podcast and let us on some of the secrets behind his successful rise …

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