Hilltop Pro

Face-to-Face – with Dave Wingerter

With virtually all of his factory team skiers assembled for the Hilltop Pro and a new high-end slalom ski launched we spoke to HO Sports VP Dave Wingerter prior to the event about the future of the sport and a slough of other topics in this latest episode of the TWBC Podcast

Face-to-Face – with Rob Hazelwood

Call this a catch-up episode. After several weeks of travelling almost every week to tournaments taking place almost every weekend Rob Hazelwood finally sat down long enough to talk with the TWBC Podcast for an episode recorded just prior to the Syndicate Hilltop Pro.

Face-to-Face – with Jill Knutson

A slalomer who created some noise on the Pro circuit at the turn of the millennium Jill Knutson continues to compete impressively each season at the Hilltop Pro – which is where the TWBC Podcast was fortunate enough to catch up with her for a little chat.

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