Freddie Winter

Face-to-Face – with Joel Poland and Freddie Winter

In this special Wandsworth edition of the TWBC Podcast we talk to two world champions who have made an indelible mark on the sport: Joel Poland and Freddie Winter. This episode was recorded before the Malibu Open at Lymanland in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Lake 38 Pro Slalom – Post-event Podcast

After the prize giving at Lake 38 we took the opportunity to interview a few of the skiers and personalities who stayed around onsite and got their thoughts about the event and much more besides. We spoke to Freddie Winter, Rob Hazelwood, Regina Jaquess, Nate Smith, Benjamin Stadlbaur, Allie Nicholson and Ali Garcia.

Face-to-Face with Freddie Winter

Fresh from his recent trip to the Moomba Masters in Melbourne, Australia Freddie Winter sat down with us at the TWBC Podcast to talk about the adventures at that event. He also summarized his 2021 season and outline his ambitions for the 2nd season on the WaterSki Pro Tour.

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