Swiss Pro Slalom

May 7th, 2023

Clermont, Florida

After all of the festivities of the King of Darkness, skiing moved to the Swiss Waterski Resort for their slalom tournament the very next morning. The tournament followed a similar format as the previous days’ competition with two rounds of qualifying skiing, followed by a cut down to the final round.

The women’s slalom event finished with a familiar final four composed of Allie Nicholson, Jaime Bull, Whitney McClintock-Rini, and Regina Jaquess. Jaquess came away with the win with a score of 2@41off, having run the previous pass five total times throughout the weekend! This was her 9th consecutive win at the Swiss Pro, a venue where she has dominated since the event started in 2015. Special mention to McClintock-Rini who didn’t miss a 10.75m pass in 7 rounds this weekend as she narrowly missed out. The duel between her and Jaquess will be incredible this season.

Robert Hazelwood
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The men’s division started with a field of 26 competitors that were narrowed down to eight qualifying skiers. The final round was incredibly close, with all skiers making it into the 41off pass. Four skiers tied in the final round with scores of 3@41off, followed closely by Freddie Winter who was able to separate himself a bit by scoring 3.5@41off, and our leader Nate Smith who won the tournament with a score of 4@41off.

Joey Gilroy





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