Miami Pro Slalom

November 5-6th, 2022

Miami, Florida

The final stop of the Waterski Pro Tour just finished at the Greater Miami Ski Club. The second edition of the Miami Pro lived up to the expectations, with high performances, fierce competition, and narrowly-edged wins!
Starting with Women, Regina Jaquess (USA) won her third event in a row in Miami after two consistent rounds of 1@10.25m and a final score of 1.5@10.25m. Getting the ski out of 2-ball was a necessity in order to edge out Whitney McClintock Rini (CAN), who scored 1@10.25m in the final round, missing the second buoy by inches. A very well deserved third place with 3@10.75m for Venessa Vieke (AUS) who, after a phenomenal Pro season in 2021, was out for the majority of the current year due to injury. 
Dane Mechler
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On the Men side, the preliminary rounds were as tight as they have been in previous tournaments, Dane Mechler (USA) leading with 4@10.25m and the remaining 7 finalists all chasing with 3@10.25m. In the finals, Robert Hazelwood (GBR), Stephen Neveu (CAN), and Nate Smith (USA) were all tied at 3@10.25m with Mechler to go. Dane barely missed 4-ball, leading to a 4-way tie for first place. The first exciting run-off saw Mechler and Smith edging the competition tied at 2@10.25m. A second run off, this time starting at 10.25m, saw Mechler with a great start and finishing with 3@10.25m. Smith skied the first half of the pass and was able to throw the ski out of 4-ball, losing the handle right after. Score review by the judges deemed that the handle was still in Smith’s hand as the ski passed the buoy, giving him a final score of 3.25@10.25m and the title of Miami Pro Champion.
This concludes the second season of the Waterski Pro Tour! Stay tuned for a recap of the key moments of this exciting 2022 season!

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